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James Carpenter: Following the Thread

I was impressed with James Carpenter from the beginning. Not merely because of his body of work or that he brought great ideas to our project. Quality speaks for itself. It was because he was open and approachable. That he was free of the need to impress is what impressed me the most. At the time I was living in Qatar, working on a fancy urban redevelopment scheme with teams of accomplished architects, engineers, planners, and construction-related consultants of every stripe. Among this esteemed, designerly crowd Jamie’s approachability was a rare trait, which made it all the more notable. We only met briefly but this impression stuck with me. When we fortuitously crossed paths a few years later in a TriBeCa coffee shop I had no reservations about re-introducing myself. And when I pitched him on it, the fact that he agreed to take part in this new Deviation thing was testament to his openness.

Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn is the founder of Shelter Publications, which he has run from his home in Bolinas, CA for nearly five decades. Shelter has published several widely selling books about fitness and DIY homebuilding, and Lloyd writes the Gimme Shelter newsletter and runs a blog showcasing his interests and photos people share from their DIY homes. With his wife Lesley, Lloyd built the home they live and work from. Lloyd's origins in publishing extend to his time in the Air Force in the 1950s, and as the Shelter Editor for The Whole Earth Catalog in the 1960s. An advocate for working with one's hands, Lloyd's pursuit of his interests and beliefs has coalesced into a well-rounded advocation, and life.